The Fierce & The Dead interviewed!

Ahead of the release of their new album, The Euphoric, The Fierce and The Dead will play their first show of 2018 at the 8 Years of Chaos Theory All-Dayer (at The Brewhouse, London). We caught up with them to find out their plans, goals and targets going into this year but, also to find out what they have in-store for those attending the event.

CM: I must’ve been listening to you guys for about five years now and you’ve always managed to do something a little different with each new release, what is the new direction you feel you’ll be exploring in your shows this year?

TFATD: Slightly heavier and sludgier. But also more synths for the first time, live anyway, but we’re working on that at the moment. The 8 Years of Chaos set will be more full on downtuned and noisy than perhaps we’ve been in the past. Synths might have to wait for the later in the year!

CM: Your new video for Truck has blown a lot of people away lately, is there any chance we’ll see the track live at the 8 Years of Chaos show and is there any chance we could perhaps see live visuals worked into the band’s set?

TFATD: Thanks, we’ll 100% play Truck and we’re in the process of working the visuals into our shows. I think projections will become a big part of our live show in the future. The visual element is what we plan to grow now.  People expect and deserve something special from a live show.

CM: With your album set to come out a few months later (the album launch being 18th May at The Black Heart), will there be much new material on show at the event?

TFATD: It’s mostly new stuff, nothing pre-2015, most of the new album and a couple off the Magnet EP. It’s important to keep moving. Try new things, it’s what keeps us interested.

CM: Which other bands/artists are you most excited about watching at the event?

TFATD: Steve is a fan of Jo Quail, I really respect Thumpermonkey and Poly-Math. I trust Kunal enough to know all the acts will be interesting and remarkable.

CM: The Fierce and The Dead have played a few Chaos Theory shows over the years, what have some of the highlights been for you guys or, if it’s easier, what does the promotion mean to you?

TFATD: We’re massive fans of Kunal, he’s a lovely man and really knows what he is doing. He is the real deal, total integrity. Playing with Shiver, Thumpermonkey and many more friends at Chaos Theory shows has been really important for us, and the sense of community Kunal and the team at Chaos Theory have built up is really special. Thanks for doing this!

Interview by Chad Murray

Join The Fierce & The Dead at The Brewhouse this Saturday 3rd February at the 8 Years Of Chaos all-dayer