9th June | Whispers & Hurricanes: ALMA, worriedaboutsatan, Chagall

We take our night of weirdly wonderful new down tempo sounds to one of London’s best new artist community venues, New River Studios. This month sees artists blending electronic production, post-rock and brand new technology.

26th March | Whispers & Hurricanes: MADAM (single launch), Kat May, RobinPlaysChords

The third edition of our new regular night for fans of the down-tempo side of alternative music, with a single launch from MADAM.

Survival Skills – new self-exploration by Acoustic Ladyland/Shiver guitarist Chris Sharkey

“This came about because it just had to happen. Basically I couldn’t put it off any longer. “ Chris Sharkey, renowned jazz-punk experimenter and guitar player for Acoustic Ladyland and Shiver is explaining to me over the phone what his latest electronica project is all about. Survival Skills, the name of the new solo act, gets its debut with Chaos Theory this Saturday at Power Lunches, and while his name is sure to draw a loyal crowd, this is definitely a musical and creative departure for Chris. “I just felt I had to express myself in this way. It just …

An octopus with no rules – a Battleship Grey rehearsal

Our newest team member Lena Margareta spent an evening with Battleship Grey as they rehearsed in preparation for their single launch at Power Lunches on Saturday 1st November. Here’s what she had to say…   *******************   While hanging out with Battleship Grey during rehearsal, it takes a while to discover the bass guitar. After three songs I spot it, unused, in the corner behind a bin. It will eventually be picked up and played a little, but it’s clear that the position of bass guitar in this band is a slacker job.   “The guitar takes care of the …