Warren Shoenbright poster

7th September | Warren Schoenbright, Riotmiloo, Metalogue

A beautiful medley of noise, industrial, post-punk and electronic sounds at The Black Heart in Camden.

Facemelter: Sudden Burst of Colour

6th July | The Facemelter: A Sudden Burst Of Colour, a-tota-so, Theo

Get a taste of some of the freshest sounds from the post-rock, post-punk and math rock scenes, with three projects fusing familiar sounds in new ways at The Black Heart in Camden.

Chaos Theory radio podcast 8/5/18

Our latest podcast is now up for streaming! CT founder Kunal plays music from all of our upcoming gigs in May, June and July and lets you know just why you need to see these bands.

6th March | The Facemelter: Silent Front, Zero Absolu (Fr), Death Pedals

Tonight we bring together post-hardcore, punk and post-rock in this lineup for fans of riffs, moshpits and pure, raw DIY fucking music! £5 at http://www.wegottickets.com/event/302738 (includes booking fee) £6 on the door ——————– Silent Front A trio who’ve been sweating over audiences for 15 years as they’ve repeatedly brought their special brand of energetic post-punk rock to basement bars all over. It’s no surprise that they share members with mayors of miyazaki, were included in Procurement Records’ Top 10 noise albums of 2014 and in Mowno‘s top 50 albums of the year! http://silentfront.bandcamp.com/ “Music that thrives on the uncomfortably intimate …

The discordant anti-poetics of Flowers Of Evil

We caught up with Flowers Of Evil after a great set at The Facemelter earlier this July. ———————————————– Author of the classic poetry volume The Flowers Of Evil, French symbolist poet Charles Baudelaire, once said that “strangeness is a necessary ingredient of beauty”. You would think that a band that shared a name with Baudelaire’s great work of the sordid and macabre would be the very embodiment of Shoreditch pretension. Not so. If you are expecting Velvet Underground references and tight black polo necks, you are going to be massively disappointed. Flowers Of Evil couldn’t give two shits if you …