Memory of Elephants poster

4th May | The Facemelter at New River Studios: Memory Of Elephants, Codices, Rad Pitt

This month, we leave Camden to enjoy DesertFest, and put on a display of jawdropping math rock glory at London’s best DIY venue, New River Studios in Manor House.

Math rock DJ set

Our gig booker Kunal has started having a go at making DJ sets.

Here’s his fourth one, featuring tracks by Alpha Male Tea Party, Bloody Mammals, Codices, Flies Are Spies From Hell, Lost In The Riots, Masiro, Mouse On The Keys, Only Echoes Remain, Poly-Math, Sannhet, The Physics House Band and Valerian Swing.

5th August | The Facemelter: Massacres, DKH, Captive

This month we get to go wild to a bunch of new hardcore, punk and metal bands.

6th March | The Facemelter: Silent Front, Zero Absolu (Fr), Death Pedals

Tonight we bring together post-hardcore, punk and post-rock in this lineup for fans of riffs, moshpits and pure, raw DIY fucking music! £5 at (includes booking fee) £6 on the door ——————– Silent Front A trio who’ve been sweating over audiences for 15 years as they’ve repeatedly brought their special brand of energetic post-punk rock to basement bars all over. It’s no surprise that they share members with mayors of miyazaki, were included in Procurement Records’ Top 10 noise albums of 2014 and in Mowno‘s top 50 albums of the year! “Music that thrives on the uncomfortably intimate …

Interview: Shrine talk about their new EP ‘Closer To The Sun’

After an incredible performance at The Facemelter, where they successfully launched their EP ‘Closer To The Sun’, Shrine speak to James Black about the EP and their sound as a whole. You’ve described yourselves as hardcore math rock. Is this new EP going to reflect that, or can we expect something different from the EP? I feel that the EP definitely reflects our influences from both our favourite hardcore and math rock bands. Although, we never write a song to be in a particular style, we work with what naturally comes out and develop it into something we feel is …

Interview: obe talk about their new album

They are explosive. They are mysterious. They play with aggression but they will leave you feeling uplifted. Instrumentalists ‘obe’ are set to launch their new album Partners as Chaos Theory celebrates its return to Camden with the first Facemelter to be held at The Black Heart. We caught up with obe ahead of the gig, as the band psyched themselves up for the launch. Partners is crafted, layered, but unpretentious album. It has depth and range, and though they have been described as a post rock outfit, the band have managed to blend a panorama of sounds and influences to …