Math rock DJ set

Our gig booker Kunal has started having a go at making DJ sets.

Here’s his fourth one, featuring tracks by Alpha Male Tea Party, Bloody Mammals, Codices, Flies Are Spies From Hell, Lost In The Riots, Masiro, Mouse On The Keys, Only Echoes Remain, Poly-Math, Sannhet, The Physics House Band and Valerian Swing.

Lost in the riots poster

5th May | The Facemelter: Lost In The Riots, Los Padres, Codices

Joyous math rock meets seamless prog at The Black Heart in Camden.

2nd April | The Facemelter at OBL: Polymath, Lost In The Riots, Pocket Apocalypse

A special version of CHAOS THEORY‘s monthly night The Facemelter. This time in Shoreditch, as a joint venture with epic promotion Old Empire. £5.50 at £7 on the door ———————— Polymath Growing stronger with every single release and gig, the Brighton-based trio have blown audiences away at every respectable prog, post-rock and math rock festival and gig in the UK and, after teasing fans with a few online single releases, smashed their crowdfunding campaign to record and release their debut EP on Lonely Voyage Records, who also organised their joint UK/European tour with Lost In The Riots. Nobody who’s …

Lost In The Riots interview

One of the best things about working with musicians at the early end of their careers is being able to watch them grow, improve and develop over the years. We first worked with Lost In The Riots on 3rd December 2011 at an early Facemelter, shortly after the release of their Sinking Ships EP. Since then they’ve released their full debut Strangers In The Alps and most recently their single Kong. With each one you can see the evolution of their music, so James had a few questions for them about what drives their unique sound and what they’ve got coming up for …

The Facemelter – 6th October 2012

Soaring soundscapes from these immense post rock giants. LOST IN THE RIOTS We love having these greats down from Watford. Defying the local hardcore scene with their love of post rock, LITR produce intricate melodies, impressive breakdowns and still know how to pack a punch! We’ve not been able to leave their EP Sinking Ships alone during the last year. THE DISTORTING GLASS Powerful art rock/post metal band featuring ex-Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster bassist Tom Granica. Sprawling spacious melodies, industrial vocals and plenty of riffs and solos. A Perfect Circle meets Nine Inch Nails, a conceptual experience we can’t …