Warren Shoenbright poster

7th September | Warren Schoenbright, Riotmiloo, Metalogue

A beautiful medley of noise, industrial, post-punk and electronic sounds at The Black Heart in Camden.

Chad Murray enters the coven of the Space Witch

I have to admit that I’d never heard of Space Witch before seeing that they were playing a show with Chaos Theory; they’re very fucking good. I wouldn’t completely lock them into the doom metal bracket but, if you’ve not heard them, they’re definitely very, very bong-friendly.

Helen Money poster

21st September | Helen Money, Kuro, A-Sun Amissa

An evening of drone, ambient electronics, doom strings and free jazz from world renowned musicians.

3rd July | Chaos Theory DJ with THUMPERMONKEY Guest DJ at BrewDog Shoreditch – Free entry

We’ve teamed up with the forward-thinking management at BrewDog Bar Shoreditch, to bring you a monthly free-entry music night in their brand spanking new basement. With guest DJ Mike Woodman of Thumpermonkey.

Humour, explosive riffs and “subconscious jazz”: The genius behind Alright The Captain

With sharp burst of energy, explosive humour and tight no-nonsense songwriting, Alright The Captain are completely unique for a band coming out of the post-rock scene. Gone are the long spells of introspection and ten-minute track epics. These guys can take you on an emotional fairground ride in the space of three minutes, and you still feel exhausted. The trick with these guys seems to be not taking it all too seriously. The music is experimental in many ways – it takes a lot of risks, and from what they told us about their writing process, they are not averse to …

Time, Space and the future of jazz – an interview with Moses Boyd

The great jazz legend John Coltrane believed that this music was something more than entertainment, or something there to just take people’s minds off their struggle. For Coltrane, and those that came after him, jazz music was a form of prayer, a kind of ritualistic emotional dance with higher powers. These days it is hard to find artists of any genre who see their music as anything other than a mechanism to a career, or at best, providing a simple relief to the pressures and hardships of working life. With Moses Boyd Exodus, however, there is a keen interest in …

A journey into the minds of Parshmaune

Too frequently non-jazz audiences get the wrong idea about what the genre is all about. Too frequently those that might take to the experimental quality and strength of jazz pass it over because of a historical prejudice about its supposed clique-like exclusivity. However, here at Chaos Theory, we think that jazz is entering a new era. Musically the genre has been developing for decades, and ever since Miles Davis started interpreting pop melodies within his idiom, jazz has absorbed and assimilated the striking patterns of the ever-shifting cultural environment. Parshmaune embody everything that is great about modern jazz. A craft …

Interview: Polymath talk about their sound and influences

After just over one year together as a band, Polymath have blown people away at numerous support slots with some heavy-hitters in the math-rock scene, including gigs at Nice Weather for Airstrikes and ArcTanGent Festivals. With phenomenal musicianship and an immense attention to detail, James Black had to find out more about what makes them tick.   You seem to have subsumed a range of ideas into your music. Some of the breakdowns and the rhythms remind even of indie and punk. There seems to be more to it than hard rock or metal, is that true? Thanks very much. …

Interview: obe talk about their new album

They are explosive. They are mysterious. They play with aggression but they will leave you feeling uplifted. Instrumentalists ‘obe’ are set to launch their new album Partners as Chaos Theory celebrates its return to Camden with the first Facemelter to be held at The Black Heart. We caught up with obe ahead of the gig, as the band psyched themselves up for the launch. Partners is crafted, layered, but unpretentious album. It has depth and range, and though they have been described as a post rock outfit, the band have managed to blend a panorama of sounds and influences to …

From The Sea To The Desert DVD released

On 6th October 2011 we presented an evening of music centred around solo cellist Jo Quail’s Pilbara EP launch and premiere. The event was held at St Leonard’s Church in Shoreditch and included a full performance of Jo’s album From The Sea featuring Tallulah Rendall, Roger O’Donnell (The Cure), Roger O’Donnell (The Cure), Matt Howden (Sieben), Ruban Byrne (SonVer, Evi Vine, Nadine Khouri), Al Richardson (SonVer, Evi Vine, Nadine Khouri), Will Connor (SonVer, Vultures Quartet), Jos Pijnappel (Haystax, Elvis Costello, Toni Braxton, Romeo, Roland Gift/ Fine Young Cannibals) and Amy Richardson-Impey (top world ranking aerial artist and Miss Pole Dance New Zealand). Attendance was 350 +. The DVD of the event …