27th April | Chaos Theory DJ night at Strongroom Bar – Free entry

More free musical fun at Strongroom Bar in Shoreditch, for people who like to hang out in great bars with great drinks, great food and refreshingly underground music.

23rd March | Chaos Theory DJ night at Strongroom Bar

A special guest DJ night at our residency at Strongroom Bar!

DJ duo Dear Boss will lay down a mesmerising mix of funk rock sleaze to psychedelic folk oddities, way-out electronics to new age exotic fuzz, spaced-out rockabilly to lo-fi agit-punk and everything in between.

26th January | Chaos Theory DJ night @ Strongroom Bar launch

Strongroom Bar in Shoreditch has gone back to their musical roots and designed a new bar to suit!

You’re all invited to join them in toasting the refit of their main bar. Come down for a beer, take a look at the new space, which will be the home for The Jazz Market and Whispers & Hurricanes for the foreseeable future.

29th October | The Jazz Market: Vels Trio, Adam Betts (TTT), Sneaky (Fingathing)

A serious display of talent from musicians who fuse their traditional training with technology to create modern masterpieces (aka rhythm gurus produce certified bangers).

Time, Space and the future of jazz – an interview with Moses Boyd

The great jazz legend John Coltrane believed that this music was something more than entertainment, or something there to just take people’s minds off their struggle. For Coltrane, and those that came after him, jazz music was a form of prayer, a kind of ritualistic emotional dance with higher powers. These days it is hard to find artists of any genre who see their music as anything other than a mechanism to a career, or at best, providing a simple relief to the pressures and hardships of working life. With Moses Boyd Exodus, however, there is a keen interest in …

A journey into the minds of Parshmaune

Too frequently non-jazz audiences get the wrong idea about what the genre is all about. Too frequently those that might take to the experimental quality and strength of jazz pass it over because of a historical prejudice about its supposed clique-like exclusivity. However, here at Chaos Theory, we think that jazz is entering a new era. Musically the genre has been developing for decades, and ever since Miles Davis started interpreting pop melodies within his idiom, jazz has absorbed and assimilated the striking patterns of the ever-shifting cultural environment. Parshmaune embody everything that is great about modern jazz. A craft …