Facemelter: Sudden Burst of Colour

6th July | The Facemelter: A Sudden Burst Of Colour, a-tota-so, Theo

Get a taste of some of the freshest sounds from the post-rock, post-punk and math rock scenes, with three projects fusing familiar sounds in new ways at The Black Heart in Camden.

Thumpermonkey poster

6th October | The Facemelter: Thumpermonkey ‘Electricity’ EP launch, The Fierce & The Dead, Ham Legion

The merry band of loony prog heroes that is Thumpermonkey returns to greet us with a brand new EP at The Black Heart, and we welcome them with open arms! Joined by internationally acclaimed prog legends The Fierce & The Dead, and Brighton-based newcomers Ham Legion.

Zolle poster

4th August | The Facemelter: Zolle, Memory Of Elephants, Black Shape

Incredible mathy punky jazzy noisey goodness brought to our ears from the recesses of Italy, Bristol and London to The Black Heart in Camden.

Khost poster

7th July | The Facemelter: KHOST (album launch), Harrowed, VOID

A night of dark, industrial, hardcore and experimental metal, tipping us over the edge into unfathomable grimness at The Black Heart in Camden.

Flies Are Spiders from Hell poster

7th April | The Facemelter: Flies Are Spies From Hell, A-Sun Amissa, Only Echoes Remain

This month The Facemelter features some truly brilliant veterans of post-rock, drone and ambient sounds, with new and seasoned projects alike. At The Black Heart in Camden as usual.

A history of DVNE

We asked Victor of DVNE if he would be able to tell us a little bit about their history, tech or influences ahead of their headline show at The Facemelter in Camden this Friday, and he sent us all of it!

Reading about their unusual collection of influences makes us think that the new album is going to be something pretty special…

Interview: Poppy Ackroyd speaks to Carya Gish

Carya Gish, novelist and founder of independent publishing imprint Arcane Publishing, speaks to musician and composer Poppy Ackroyd who will perform at the launch of Jo Quail’s new album Five Incantations at St John on Bethnal Green on 19th March.

Interview: Colours To Shame chat to Mark Angel Brandt

This month, Mark Angel Brandt, editor of metal, punk and rock review website Broken Amp, lent us his meticulous approach to music journalism to interview Glaswegian genre-switching metalheads Colours To Shame, ahead of their performance at The Facemelter this Friday at The Black Heart.

Interview: Ivan and Genia of Opensight on Italian cinema and hidden influences

Opensight have established themselves as stalwarts of London’s progressive music scene. Having played in the Metal 2 The Masses competition on several occasions, and with numerous studio recordings under their collective belt, these accomplished musicians create a sophisticated blend of rock, metal and a hefty dose of the cinematic. Their latest EP represents something of a departure from previous recordings, though it retains the theatrical flourishes and classic metal undertones that fans will recognise as signatures of the band. ‘Ulterior Motives’ also has the rather dubious accolade of being the only music that doesn’t cause my cat to leave the …

Post-prog and the punk ethic: an interview with Sumer

On 17th July 2015, CT writer Gem Caley ventured into deepest darkest Islington to see post-proggers Sumer play, and to badger the band about their upcoming gig with Opensight and Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster. The following article is based on a delightfully meandering conversation held in the children’s playground opposite the venue.

Promo video: Shiver, The Fierce And The Dead, Alex’s Hand at The Facemelter in July

Kunal excitedly rants about the next show with Shiver, The Fierce & The Dead and Alex’s Hand at The Black Heart on 3rd July 2015.   Promo video   Tickets   Video by Pippa Bayston: http://sparklefilms.co.uk

Chaos Theory’s best gigs of 2014

One of the main reasons we promote live music is because seeing musicians play, feel, interact and bare their souls on stage can make or break your opinion of their creations. Here are each of our top bands that either we never knew existed or, more importantly, we did know existed but didn’t really love until we saw them perform live.

YGODEH – voicing the disintegration of society

We managed to send some questions to Piton, guitarist and synth programmer for experimental death metal band YGODEH, to find out more about their recently released second album, Inside The Womb Of Horizonless Dystopia, before they open at The Facemelter this Friday 8th August at The Black Heart. Photo by Magda Wrzeszcz ———————————————— You have been around for a few years now. How has the band changed and evolved? More importantly what hasn’t changed? What’s the the concept, idea or value system that sustains and unifies the band? We’ve been active in the UK for approximately 2 yrs and with …

The discordant anti-poetics of Flowers Of Evil

We caught up with Flowers Of Evil after a great set at The Facemelter earlier this July. ———————————————– Author of the classic poetry volume The Flowers Of Evil, French symbolist poet Charles Baudelaire, once said that “strangeness is a necessary ingredient of beauty”. You would think that a band that shared a name with Baudelaire’s great work of the sordid and macabre would be the very embodiment of Shoreditch pretension. Not so. If you are expecting Velvet Underground references and tight black polo necks, you are going to be massively disappointed. Flowers Of Evil couldn’t give two shits if you …

We speak to Darkeye at The Facemelter

James Black made it along to The Facemelter, managed to catch up with Darkeye and,as an open-minded folk aficionado, find out what they’re all about. ———————————– Having reached the Metal To The Masses semi-finals, and with their gig schedule easing off over the summer, prog metal maestros Darkeye are are once again feeling the restless pull of the studio. Known and respected among their peers as one of the tightest and original bands on the unsigned circuit, Darkeye are forever trying to broaden their horizons. They have been compared to the likes of Gojira and even Machine Head, but when …

Karybdis interview

Karybdis vocalist Rich talks to James Black about metal, mythology, metal, balancing new experimental ideas and metal. One recent review singles you out as a band that stands out from a lot of other progressive metal bands. Is that something deliberate on your part, creating a fresh sound within metal? That’s always good to hear, especially with the way music is at the moment. We definitely do our best at experimenting musically while keeping to what we love doing. It’s seemingly hard to come by new and exciting ideas in music these days. Not because of the lack of creativity …

Sonic Mass on All Creatures Strange

Fresh from the launch of their physical album All Creatures Strange and their single Rise Of The Royal Reptile at The Facemelter in April, Josh from Sonic Mass answered a few questions for James Black.   From the first chord on the album, I hear a very traditional influence here. Being one of the Chaos Theory folk music crew, rock and metal is not my background, but there sounds like a lot of classic rock and metal influences here and you’re not scared to make it known. From the tempos, to the thematic essences of the song. Do you see yourselves as picking up something from past …

Lost In The Riots interview

One of the best things about working with musicians at the early end of their careers is being able to watch them grow, improve and develop over the years. We first worked with Lost In The Riots on 3rd December 2011 at an early Facemelter, shortly after the release of their Sinking Ships EP. Since then they’ve released their full debut Strangers In The Alps and most recently their single Kong. With each one you can see the evolution of their music, so James had a few questions for them about what drives their unique sound and what they’ve got coming up for …

Interview: Shrine talk about their new EP ‘Closer To The Sun’

After an incredible performance at The Facemelter, where they successfully launched their EP ‘Closer To The Sun’, Shrine speak to James Black about the EP and their sound as a whole. You’ve described yourselves as hardcore math rock. Is this new EP going to reflect that, or can we expect something different from the EP? I feel that the EP definitely reflects our influences from both our favourite hardcore and math rock bands. Although, we never write a song to be in a particular style, we work with what naturally comes out and develop it into something we feel is …

Interview: obe talk about their new album

They are explosive. They are mysterious. They play with aggression but they will leave you feeling uplifted. Instrumentalists ‘obe’ are set to launch their new album Partners as Chaos Theory celebrates its return to Camden with the first Facemelter to be held at The Black Heart. We caught up with obe ahead of the gig, as the band psyched themselves up for the launch. Partners is crafted, layered, but unpretentious album. It has depth and range, and though they have been described as a post rock outfit, the band have managed to blend a panorama of sounds and influences to …

The Facemelter – 6th October 2012

Soaring soundscapes from these immense post rock giants. LOST IN THE RIOTS We love having these greats down from Watford. Defying the local hardcore scene with their love of post rock, LITR produce intricate melodies, impressive breakdowns and still know how to pack a punch! We’ve not been able to leave their EP Sinking Ships alone during the last year. http://lostintheriots.bandcamp.com THE DISTORTING GLASS Powerful art rock/post metal band featuring ex-Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster bassist Tom Granica. Sprawling spacious melodies, industrial vocals and plenty of riffs and solos. A Perfect Circle meets Nine Inch Nails, a conceptual experience we can’t …

The Facemelter – Saturday 1st September

Progressive brutality from insane metal bands this month. The Miller 96 Snowsfields Road London Bridge SE1 3SS Doors 7.30pm Tickets Lineup (not in running order): BLUE GILLESPIE Four piece from Wales who have been creating a storm with their 2 EPs and debut album Synesthesia. Great original metal; a ‘positive’ vibe with evil riffs, this is a highly energetic and entertaining band. Now is the chance to catch them while they’re on the cusp of becoming huge. “Blue Gillespie are onto a winner with their debut album; KKKK” – Kerrang! SEETHE Furious metalcore five-piece from Milton Keynes, who’ve supported bands including …