Vodun poster

13th September | Vodun “Ascend” album launch w/ Bruxa Maria & The Hyena Kill

Two and a half years after they broke into the wider consciousness with the launch of “Possession”, the defiant fireball that is Vodun return to launch their new album “Ascend” at Oslo in Hackney.

Cosmic Roundup: Kunal talks to Rich Collins of Cosmic Carnage

Our events organiser Kunal got interviewed by fellow promoter Rich Collins of Cosmic Carnage, as part of his Cosmic Roundup series for Echoes And Dust.

Dan Salter interviewed by music site Haulix

Dan Salter is one half of Cognitive Dissonance, the dedicated minds who designed and built our website. He is also the founder of Echoes & Dust, a site that started off as a music blog but which has now exploded into an international hub of underground, independent and obscure music. Web-based music platform Haulix interviewed Dan about his early musical life, the development of Echoes & Dust and his hopes for the future of the music industry. Read it here.