Seb Tull – front of house/promoter/crew

Seb Tull – front of house/promoter/crew

I’m Seb, the guy that takes your money on the door and pats you on the back for making such an excellent choice for your evening.


I first found out about Chaos Theory when I was looking for a gig in my band Control. Chaos Theory was easily one of the most appealing promoters to work with, simply because of the excellent bands they put on and taste in music they have, coupled with their hard work, attention to detail and dedication to their work.

After many months of pestering poor Kunal I scored a gig back in the summer of 2013, which is still one of the best we have played thus far.

Being the nice man that Kunal is, he also invited me to his New Year’s Eve house party that year, not realising that I would actually turn up! ….and then never leave him alone.

Outside of Chaos Theory I am an extended-range bassist in Control and a drummer in Strauss.

Here are some links to my bands:




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August 10, 2012

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