David Owen Johnson – promoter/scout/crew

David Owen Johnson – promoter/scout/crew

Hi I’m David, I loosely call myself a musician as I’ve played drums since High School and been in various bands over the years from Thrash metal to covers bands.

David Owen Johnson

I got into the promoting and events side of music by setting up my own series of nights from scratch to promote friends bands. I found out that I was good at it and enjoyed the process of getting a night off the ground culminating in the live show at the end of it. I try to put on the odd show when I can and sniff out fresh talent along the way.

I also unwittingly immersed myself in the London live events scene, a vast and often maddening place. However, Chaos Theory was one of the names that would always rise to the top. Due to family commitments limiting what I could do on my own I approached Kunal to get involved to help out with Chaos Theory in any way I could.

Eventually meeting Kunal and his amazing team in person confirmed that Chaos Theory is one of the best run promotion outfits in London, and as a musician too it really stood out that bands and not pound signs are at the forefront of everything it does.  The aim is strongly to help bands promote themselves and achieve success as well as putting on great shows.  Any small part I can play in this and keeping London’s live music scene healthy is worthwhile.

Currently on a long hiatus but you can check out my fledgling promotions page on Facebook:


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May 1, 2012

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