Angelique Le Marchand – photographer

Angelique Le Marchand – photographer

I’m Angelique and I’m one of the photographers for Chaos Theory. I only joined recently, in July 2016, although I’ve known Kunal and Alan for much longer than that. We met when I started out as a photographer for Kaparte Promotions, a sister family, and we’ve been haunting the same venues for a few years now!


I’m very proud of being part of Chaos Theory, it’s been an incredible adventure full of beautiful music thus far. Our guests often comment on what a friendly bunch we are, and I think it really comes across that we’re having so much fun together, but at the same time, we are a passionate about what we all do and a hard working bunch.

I’ve been taking photographs of bands live for 14 years now. I fell into it by accident, I was initially into oil painting, but the day jobs were forever getting in the way and I was seeking a side project that would provide instant gratification. Around that time, my boyfriend was in a band and I started taking photographs of those guys as I followed them on tour. They started using my photographs and I thought, this is fun! I’ve never looked back, and I’ve been hoarding photography equipment ever since, as well as avidly devouring any tutorials I could gets my hands on and taking lots of classes. I now do a mix of studio photography, working mainly wth fashion models, as well as continuing with live music photography. I’m currently working on launching my website (at long last!), but you can see my work on my Facebook and Instagram galleries.

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March 1, 2012