Banana lovers! Math Rockers! Lend me your ears. Poly-Math are playing tracks from their new album at The Facemelter this Friday, 3rd November, at The Black Heart.

This show will be the only time fans can hear your new album this year, albeit condensed. What do you think will be the challenges and benefits of this approach to exhibiting the album in advance?

Well we just really wanted to play again before the end of the year. We want to show people what we’ve spent the whole year working on, and we plan on our whole stage show changing for our album tour next year, so this will kind of be the last time for a while that play in our original punky three piece sort of format. Plus it’ll be fun to see if we can actually play any of the songs whilst throwing ourselves all over the place.

With this being a new album, are we going to see a new Poly-Math? A new sound? A new direction? What can people expect from the new you? And what did you set out to achieve?

Yes, this will be a totally new version of Poly-Math. Whilst I think this show will still be something of a transition performance, the new year will be the start of a totally different band. This record was all about us fully embracing our prog tendencies, we wanted to create something with a story, and we wanted to move as far away from math-rock as possible. We wanted to be weirder and use new instruments, be less afraid of drawing out a section or allowing a track to breathe. I think we just wanted to make something new, and in a growing genre with a lot of bands using the same tricks that can be difficult to achieve.

The new stuff is definitely more dramatic, we’ve introduced new instruments in a big way, with organ becoming a very focused part of our sound, but the big riffs are still there, and they’ll be bigger and more metal than before. If it’s possible then I think we’ve succeeded in becoming even more pretensions than we were before, I don’t think we meant to, we just didn’t care this time, haha.

You’re playing this edition of The Facemelter with Masiro and Asian Death Crustacean, have you guys played with either of these bands before and are you seeing either or both of them for the first time?

It’s actually a first time with both bands, but we’re super excited to be on this bill. It’s so nice to be playing with some proper heavy bands… it’s kind of rare to be on a bill where I think both bands tune lower than us, so it’ll be great!

As the album is not out until next year so, what sort of Poly-Math merch might I find at The Facemelter? Will there be any other advanced or exclusive selections at this show?

We are actually giving guests at the show to pick up an advanced digital download of either House Of Wisdom or We Are The Devil. One of the two records will be available with every T-shirt purchase at the show. We will also have an extremely limited run of Poly-Math T-Shirts made just for this show, so it’s a chance to get some super exclusive 🙂

This show is one of a kind and a rare treat Poly-math fans get down there on Friday for an exclusive, unique Polymath experience.


Interview by Chad Murray