Quick questions with Luminous Bodies

Chad Murray pesters Luminous Bodies en route to their headliner at The Facemelter tonight at The Black Heart.

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1965685_723399987781490_4895600709701968821_oPhoto by Jose Ramon Caamaño

Despite hearing a lot of good things, the first time I got to see Luminous Bodies was actually at Bad Guyslast ever gig at The Moth Club on the 4th February; I was impressed. Bad Guys chose fine company to take their final bow with.

CM: With that show in mind my first question for the band is: your Chaos Theory gig will likely be the first time we see you without your drummer, Zoo, what can people expect to see from Luminous Bodies performing without Zoo?

LB: This is exactly our first gig without Zoo! He’s rolling around LA currently, giving out $10 Specials and gibberish philosophy. We operate under a strict two-drummer policy, so Zoo’s being substituted by Wayne from Death Pedals, Shitwife and Bear Bites Horse. Our shows are usually chaotic, but with Wayne, I predict this one will be utterly sensible.

CM: Can you tell us about your history with Bad Guys?

LB: It’s a history we’d probably all like to forget; bad choices and stupid decisions! We’ve been friends with them for years, played lots of shows with them (I actually guested on bass with them, once) and put out their last recordings on Hominid Sounds. 

CM: on that thread could you tell us also about your history as a band, your background, influences and perhaps other projects for those who are unfamiliar?

LB: We got together about three years ago just because me and Tracy got early-hours-of-the-morning-drunk and shouty about forming a knuckle-dragging rock band or a Butthole Surfers cover band (it didn’t seem to matter which). We dragged in Tom, Zoo and Dan (our as yet unconnected friends – are you following the story? CM: they got drunk and decided to make a band, accrued members and that blossomed into a beautiful friendship) who seemed like they’d probably be just as stupidly enthusiastic about such a project. Everyone jelled immediately. There was a lot of jell around, much like a frog-mating scene. CM: That sounds seedy, I like it.

CM: Have you played The Black Heart before? Is there anything youd note about the venue itself?

LB: Yes, we have – and seen a lot of others play there. Lovely staff and they serve an interesting selection of beers. Great music choices in the bar downstairs and a punchy sound system in the gig upstairs. Winners.

Video by Riff Underground

CM: What sort of Luminous Bodies merch might I hope to find at The Black Heart?

Probably none. Our album’s sold out, unless we find some down the back of the sofa. Our first t-shirt design sold out and and we havent got around to printing a new one. We’re not the most commercial-minded band you’ll ever meet.

CM: Are there any plans to go into the studio any time soon?

LB: Not just plans! Doing that right now! We’ve just finished a track for a split single with Casual Nun as part of next year’s God Unknown Singles Club (look it up) and we’re building up the tracks for our next LP, coming out on Box Records later this year. 

And on that bombshell…” as Alan Partridge used to say, peer into the void of Luminous Bodies tonight (March 3rd), as Chaos Theory presents The Facemelter with Nasty Little Lonely, Sky:Lark and headliners, Luminous Bodies live at The Black Heart, Camden.