The Flymaster: Chad Murray straps on a plastic proboscis and chats with Flies Are Spies From Hell

Chad Murray spoke to Chris and Will of Flies Are Spies From Hell ahead of their headline gig at The Facemelter this Friday.

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The first time I heard Flies Are Spies From Hell, was when my brother Jake did an in violet remix of Axe To The Root; following the axe to the root, I found a great band. I happen to know that you’re already working on a new collection of remixes with a variety of different artists, so my first questions are: what is the driving force behind the new remix collection and is there new ground to cover with that album, new artists you’re working with or is there perhaps a new release on the way?

Ha ha, well you know because you are one of the remixers! Having heard yours which I really like, and looking at the musicians we have lined-up, I think it’s going to be a fairly ambient/droney/noisey affair. Fairly relaxed and somnambulant I hope. I enjoy ambient stuff like Brian Eno (especially the albums with Robert Fripp) and Stars Of The Lid, so hopefully we’ll get a nice sleepy feel to it like those artists. I actually did nod off when I saw Stars Of The Lid recently – if we get people to fall asleep I’ll be happy. I did really enjoy your brother’s one, maybe he can be persuaded to do another. We’ve had lots of different styles over the years from DnB to a grime one recently – always good fun. – Chris

On a similar thread, can fans of the band expect to hear new versions or arrangements of any of the older tracks at The Facemelter (7th April at The Black Heart, Camden) or even new tracks?

Yes, we will be playing a new song which we’re excited about. It’s a little different for us, so we’re looking forward to putting that out there. Equally we’ve also mixed things up a bit and brought in a few tunes which the punters might not have heard live for quite sometime. We’re really very excited about the set list which we’re pulling together for the upcoming European tour. We can’t wait to get playing it. – Will

Can you tell us about your history with Chaos Theory?

I’ve known Kunal for many years now, and seen him become a really well-established and respected promoter in London. We recently revisited all the venues we’ve played in Camden over the years in the run up to the show on 7th April (enjoying a pint in each of course), and it was funny remembering some of the strange nights we played. We were happy just playing anything, but it’s nice these days to work with people who put proper thought and care into their nights. – Chris

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…And on that thread could you tell us also about your history as a band, your background, influences and perhaps other projects for those who are unfamiliar? 

We started as a cover band in college (some fairly embarrassing stuff like Electric Six and Jimmy Eat World, amongst others), before we starting writing our own stuff with our singer. When he quit we just carried on as an instrumental band.

Influences early on were 65daysofstatic, Mogwai, Godspeed, Explosions In The Sky, Oceansize.

I played bass in a psychedelic rock band, and made some noise music but Flies has always been the main project. – Chris

Have you played The Black Heart before? Is there anything you’d note about the venue itself?

We have never played The Black Heart before, but it’s a venue that we have a huge amount of respect for. We have seen many shows there before and always enjoyed those nights – on the Camden pub crawl the other weekend we ended the night there. Nine pints down and it certainly felt like a good place to be. We got chatting to the guys from Raging Speedhorn, who were playing there that evening – it was a cracking night. In truth, we really can’t wait for our show there on the 7th. It should be a great night. – Will

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If you were to sell somebody on one of the bands you were playing with on 7th April, how would you describe them?

A-Sun Amissa will be dark and gloomy, and may well leave you fairly depressed – in a good way of course. Imagine the gloomy Godspeed soundscapes. Only Echoes Remain do lovely elegant instrumental post-rock. It’s a great bill. – Chris

And as always on the subject of selling, what sort of Flies Are Spies merch might I find at The Facemelter?

We will have a collection of posters on a variety of different substrates and sizes, new T-shirts, stickers and of course our back catalogue of EP’s and albums. – Will

How would you say your live sound differs from your studio sound?

We very much see ourselves as a live band and always do our best to put a lot of energy in to our shows. It’s something that comes naturally to us and not really something we’ve discussed or openly tried to achieve. The challenge has always been trying to replicate that energy and rawness in to our albums, whilst still trying to maintain a big sound with delicate textures. Looking back to when we were a younger band, our energy and rawness was sometimes a problem; we would often get halfway through a set with no guitar strings left and completely damaged equipment. It was always fun, but perhaps sound quality might have taken a back seat during some of those shows. – Will

And are there any plans to go into the studio any time soon?

Perhaps. We’ve just written a new track which we’re really enjoying and have a number of tracks which haven’t yet been released. It’s certainly something we’ll consider once we get back from the tour. There may also be a live EP in the pipeline. – Will


Save the date, 07/04/17, Chaos Theory presents The Facemelter, with Flies Are Spies From Hell, A-Sun Amissa/Only Echoes Remain live at The Black Heart. Click for tickets.


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