Chad Murray enters the coven of the Space Witch

Chad Murray delved into the lair of Space Witch ahead of their album launch at The Facemelter on Friday 2nd June at The Black Heart in Camden.

15129527_10153865726271822_1546132906399002943_oPhoto by Angelique Le Marchand

I have to admit that I’d never heard of Space Witch before seeing that they were playing a show with Chaos Theory; they’re very fucking good. I wouldn’t completely lock them into the doom metal bracket but, if you’ve not heard them, they’re definitely very, very bong-friendly.So, as a new listener, I guess my first question is who are Space Witch? Are you witches? Are you from space? Are you the witches that haunt spacecake trips?

SW) Space Witch are a 4 piece band from Stoke on Trent that mix stoner, sludge & doom with psychedelia and prog. We’ve been going 10 years and over that time we have developed our craft steadily more so in the last 5 years. Recently signed to HeviSike Records who are releasing our 2nd album ARCANUM.

If you were to pair your music with something in the way one might pair something like wine or perhaps cheese, what would you pair it with?

SW) We think it’s down to the listener of our music to make that decision, being in the band it’s very hard to pair it with anything. What we can tell you is our sound is influenced by heavy music, electronics and the progressive movement past and present.

Onto the more important stuff; what do you think some of the challenges will be in playing your new stuff live and what aspects of it excites you in terms of performance?

SW) The challenge is getting our message across by performing a non-stop set, a barrage of sonics and dynamics. Speaking for myself, what excites me is playing a set we have tweaked for the live environment which gives the guys the scope to improvise and make it slightly different each time we play it. I’d say the atmosphere and setup of the show can influence what we do.

Do you have much of a history with The Black Heart or Chaos Theory? How do you feel the event is going to be different based on your knowledge of these two musical ballasts?

SW) we’ve had a good relationship with Chaos Theory over the last few years and the album launch show will be the 3rd time we’ve played the Black Heart but the first time we’ve headed a show.

We have a lot of respect for the people that run Chaos Theory and work hard at every show. Kunal from the organisation side, Peter from the sound tech perspective and Angelique from the photography angle documenting the shows.

We always have a good time at The Black Heart it’s a great venue and has a good vibe and sound. The gig on the 2nd is important to us as it’s an out of town show dedicated to promoting the launch of new album ARCANUM.

As someone who has never seen you perform before what can I expect as a member of the audience?

SW) A continuous 40 minute (non-stop) set of sonics and dynamics. Elements of stoner, sludge and doom with passages that are influenced by psychedelia and prog. A melt of timing, sci-fi influenced electronics and aggressive heavy guitars…

Many people will be hearing and seeing your new album for the first time at this gig, I’m assuming the release will be available in a physical format at the show (?) but, what other merchandise will be available to support the band at the event?

SW) The release will be available to purchase at the show on DIGIPAK CD in advance of the release date on the 9th of June. We’ll also have T-shirts with our new ARCANUM design, which the wonderful Dominic Sohor designed for us, which is another concept drawn on the album artwork done by the amazing Adam Burke.


Space Witch are hosting their album ARCANUM at The Facemelter on 2nd June, with support from Prisa Mata and Sergeant Thunderhoof; join us for a night of spleen-pulverising, galactic doom as we worship the void  at The Black Heart in Camden.

Space Witch t-shirt image

Interview by Chad Murray