Casual Nun interviewed!

If you live in London and you like going to gigs, you’ve probably heard of Casual Nun, for a while they seemed to be the talk of the town, appearing on countless bills, playing with everyone and their mums and putting out consistently good albums on a seemingly annual basis; they’re an exciting, quickly-evolving group that deserves the hype and delivers new heights at every show. I can’t recall the first time I saw Casual Nun but, by this point, I consider them a sure-thing and I’d implore any reader to come and see them at The Brewhouse, London for our 8 Years of Chaos Theory All-Dayer to discover exactly why that is the case.

The Fierce & The Dead interviewed!

Ahead of the release of their new album, The Euphoric, The Fierce and The Dead will play their first show of 2018 at the 8 Years of Chaos Theory All-Dayer (at The Brewhouse, London). We caught up with them to find out their plans, goals and targets going into this year but, also to find out what they have in-store for those attending the event.

Dystopian Future Movies interviewed

Ahead of their gig at The Black Heart in Camden with Darkher and Soden this Friday 2nd February, Aditya Bhatt had a conversation with Caroline and Bill of Dystopian Future Movies about all the things that make them what they are.


Banana lovers! Math Rockers! Lend me your ears. Poly-Math are playing tracks from their new album at The Facemelter this Friday, 3rd November, at The Black Heart.

Chad Murray enters the coven of the Space Witch

I have to admit that I’d never heard of Space Witch before seeing that they were playing a show with Chaos Theory; they’re very fucking good. I wouldn’t completely lock them into the doom metal bracket but, if you’ve not heard them, they’re definitely very, very bong-friendly.

Ex People: “because sludge metal”

We asked Ex People to tell us more about them, as we still know relatively little since we recently discovered them, and they sent us some ridiculous answers.

So you might as well read them.