Chaos Theory is an independent promotion collective that wants to breathe new life into the underground music scene.

We do this by organising events, from small gigs to large-scale concerts, and try to promote artists and musicians of emerging and underground genres.

All of the people involved are musicians, artists and music addicts, who put passion before snobbery and wish to make the niche and experimental more accessible to wider audiences.

Read more about all of us and what we’re up to on the Blog page.

We would also like to mention the following people. Without their immeasurable support, Chaos Theory would not be where it is today. Thanks and love to:

Mark Angel Brandt, Gen Caley, Bojan Nikolic, Tereza Kinnertová, Marko Kovacevic, Daniel Campagne, Rich Collins, Josh Retallick, Tony Boden, Hannah Morgan, Dan Salter, James Black, Naresh Kaushal, Mickey Carroll, Cyrus Allen, Chloe Herington, Oliver Sellwood, Genia Penksik, Lucy Thomas, Arthur Becker, Helen Frosi, Alan Pride, Ned O’Meara, Aicha Boyd, Sarah Culross, Henry Hatton, Laura Hatton, Tom Shepherd, Claire Shepherd, Ashley Regan, Klarita Kaparte Pandolfi-Carr, Jyoti Sekhawat, Tom Macdonald, Simon Badesha, Luc Benyon, Adam Dunn, Simon Fitzpatrick, Sam White, Mel Al-Sheikh, Jo Quail, Dan Strange, Stephan Barrett, Danny Wong, Lydia Morgan, Ruban Byrne, Mario Baloteli, Zana Grammakova, Chris Anthony, Atul Rana, Will Connor, Chris Bartholomew, Simon Kallas, Charlene Darko, Gaspar Sena, Maria Zaharaki, Faisal Ahmed, Pradeep Singhal, Elly Shepherd, David Kimani, Pinky Singhal, Rob Shuttleworth, Bryony Doel, Tom Perryman, Moritz Kerschbaumer, Leonardo Pereza, Crispin Loughrey, Libby Al-Sheikh, Lewis Turner, Patrice Lovelace, Mak Murtić, Maja Rivić, Adam Ever, Michael Alp, Adam Edwards, Gordon Wedderburn, Christina Collins, Matthew McGuinness, Paul Foxon, Leah Kardos, Emma Harvey, Danior Carreira, Leon Milk, Pablo Fiesta, Lisa Arbeiter, Justin Wayne, Lucy Mott, Daniel Abbott, John Fossey

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