9th February | The Jazz Market: Nøught, A Sweet Niche

The first edition of The Jazz Market in 2017 brings groundbreaking punk, psychedelic, prog and jazz talent to the stage at Strongroom Bar,, right in the heart of Shoreditch.

£6 advance                                                                           secret cheap tickets

£8 on the door


An astounding dark psychedelic, prog, avant-punk and jazz outfit led by guitarist James Sedwards (Thurston Moore Band, Guapo), completed by bassist Santiago Horro, keyboardist Luke Barlow and drummer Bo Mapper.

Their unique range of creepy sounds has seen them sharing the stage with bands including Lydia Lunch, Oxbow, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, GHOLD, Earthmass, and Dead Days Beyond Help.

After years of trying to pin these busy musicians down, we’re so glad they’ve agreed to join us tonight.

“Musically utter chaos, but attacking classical structures that have been pretty much left neglected by rock.” – Drowned in Sound

A Sweet Niche

A jazz punk band with unexpected bursts of minimalism and raucous noise in equal measure. Formed from guitarist Keir Cooper and baritone saxophonist Oliver Sellwood (who you may have seen on the stage with Vodun at their album launch last year, as well as with prog legends Knifeworld), and drummer Tim Doyle.

Keir and Oliver have been playing together 16 years, exploring intricate rhythms and song-structures within a punchy energetic rock band, and have been joined in recent years by drummer Tim Doyle.

We’ve been working with them for many years and always love to see them morph and evolve with every gig. Tonight should be no exception.

“A furious mixture of hopeful and trepidatious melodies, mellow jazz sections and frantic rock riffs.” – Echoes And Dust