28th May | Author & Punisher (USA), Trepaneringsritualen (Swe), Vera Bremerton, Towards Collapse DJs

An evening of heavy electronics, innovative drone, ritual ambient doom and industrial music, from international pioneers of hardware and noise. Our first event at Electrowerkz in Angel.

£10 advance

£13 on the door

Author & Punisher

The solo project of Tristan Shone, a mechanical engineer who wandered from native Boston to California to pursue his
artistic interests. He ended up using his scientific skills to build custom musical instruments, which give added depth to the term “industrial”.

The mechanical processes that give life to the music aim to reproduce the rhythms of industrial machinery and its relationship to their human operators; a merging of the flesh and the steel.

We’ve enjoyed him at Roadburn Festival and at The Underworld Camden last year and are excited to Author & Punisher has now joined the famed court of Relapse Records, with an album due to be released this summer.

“Staggering genius in [his] ability to transform the auditory pollution of industry into music.” – Noisey/VICE


This solo visionary explores themes of religion, magick and the occult realms of consciousness, taking musical cues from the old school of ritual ambient and death industrial. Rhythmic and seething at times, oozing forward with a creeping sense of desolation, Trepaneringsritualen conjures forth bleak but mesmerising visions of the end-times.

“Delves bone-deep into the dark recesses that fuel his need to create.” – Pitchfork

Vera Bremerton

A visionary vocalist, producer and composer, who weaves dark tales of the female experience under religion, the patriarchy and general cultural hatred, using superhuman screams, industrial beats and gritty lyrics.

We’ve seen her perform around various noise and electronic events in Berlin and London, most recently taking part in performance event Shears For Tears at the Tate Modern.

A harrowing, enlightening and extreme experience.

“Sensitivity and subtlety even in the more violent sections.” – Radio Free Midwich

With Towards Collapse DJs before, between and after the performances.