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26th March | thisquietarmy, Only Echoes Remain, Metalogue

A night of ambient music, haunting dronescapes and experimental electronics at The Victoria in Dalston.
£11 on the door
Returning to London after four years, this experimental guitar-based solo project from Montreal, Canada, revolves around improvised drone music.
He takes his sonic experimentations further by adding textural and structural elements of post-punk/shoegaze, krautrock/spacerock & black/doom metal to them. The results can be described as dark, melodic, expansive and engaging dreamscapes.
Forever touring around the world, he’s graced countless stages and performed at Dunk!festival and alongside noteworthy musicians such as This Will Destroy You, Tides From Nebula, Thurston Moore, Aluk Todolo, Caspian, Nadja and Petrels.
Only Echoes RemainA climactic and cinematic post-rock band who have been carving their niche into the scene over their first year by playing with bands including Flies Are Spies From Hell, A-Sun Amissa, TOTORRO, Poly-Math, VASA and Memory of Elephants.They blend prog and post, riffs and gentle melody, loud and quiet, power and emotion, leading to an emotive and engaging listening experience. We’re looking forward to the upcoming follow-up to their debut album ‘The Exigent’.“Epic, sweeping and elegiac” – The Independent——————
Extravagant post-industrial electronic music from this London-based soloist. Frequently seen in the underbelly of Berlin, we last saw this dystopian composer opening for Jarboe and Father Murphy last year at St Pancras Old Church, using an array of hardware and self-made instruments.