23rd March | Chaos Theory DJ night at Strongroom Bar

A special guest DJ night at our residency at Strongroom Bar!

DJ duo Dear Boss will lay down a mesmerising mix of funk rock sleaze to psychedelic folk oddities, way-out electronics to new age exotic fuzz, spaced-out rockabilly to lo-fi agit-punk and everything in between.
As always, it’s free, it’s fun, it’s got great tunes and totally awesome doughnuts. Get in.
Strongroom Bar was opened nearly 20 years ago as a response to Strongroom Studios’ clients wanting somewhere to drink, and therefore they have designed the refit to fit in with their musical heritage. It’s adorned with bespoke artwork created by Jamie Reid, and decked out with furniture that’s been designed around studio and audio equipment, and is a great setting to escape London nonsense.