13th October | Yowie (UK exclusive) + MNHM + Vasa

A huge extravaganza of talent in a UK exclusive event, as three internationally renowned bands descend upon London in a flurry of math rock, prog, psychedelia, noise and jazz at The Brewhouse in Hackney.

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Earlybird tickets

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Yowie (UK exclusive)

A truly exceptional band from St Louis, Missouri, with an almost clinical approach to the utmost in bizarre and intricate sounds.

Their meticulously arranged, yet totally manic, compositions put them on the level of the pioneers of pure noise and math rock such as Hella, Don Caballero and Ruins.

They’ve just released the confusingly brilliant ‘Synchromyticism’ and, after hearing it, it comes as no surprise to learn that the members are made up of a clinical psychologist, government worker and a scientist.

This will be their only UK show touring this album, and it will be an utterly baffling and mindblowing experience.

“An idiosyncratic sound with riffs that defy logic atop razor focused grooves, producing the most quirky funk in the process.” – Invisible Oranges

“Behind the ugly vivacity and complex cacophony, there is something deep and very compelling.” – Fecking Bahamas

“A more dissonant and twisted shade of rock music”. – Prog Sphere


Dutch prog/psych/math rock legends, previously known as MANNHEIM. This group has been combining elements of post-rock, math rock and doom for several years, in a slightly difference balance with each record.

The quartet has toured all over Europe and played at Festivals including Roadburn, Dunk!, Incubate, AMFest, ArcTanGent and Zwarte Cross. They recently released their second album ‘Of Empires Past’, which was produced by Rocky O’Reilly (And So I Watch You From Afar, Baby In Vain, Slomatics) and released by Consouling Sounds in May 2017 to much critical acclaim.

Check out their doomy new album ‘Of Empires Past’, released on Consouling Sounds earlier this year.

“Being pigeonholed as noise rock, math rock, post-metal, doom metal, prog, all the way up to free-jazz still fails to aptly describe the band.” – Echoes And Dust


Heroes of the UK math rock scene, who have shared the stage with a huge amount of great bands, including Oathbreaker, Idlewild, Gallops, The Physics House Band, Alpha Male Tea Party, Cleft, Axes, Big Lad, Fall Of Messiah, Rough Hands, Waking Aida, Body Hound, Lost in the Riots, Poly-Math, RIIB and have played at ArcTanGent, MugStock and Carefully Planned Festivals.

We’ve never been able to contain ourselves whenver we see them live, and this shouldn’t be anything less than a completey joyous experience!

“One of the best instrumental bands anywhere in the British Isles.” – Clash Magazine

“Molten, mathy soundtracks for the most action-packed movies never filmed.” – The Skinny