13th April | The Jazz Market: Survival Skills (Chris Sharkey solo), Zeitgeist

Another collection of musicians, this time both from Leeds, who bend instruments, sounds and genres to redefine our concepts of jazz, electronica, math rock and creation at Strongroom Bar in Shoreditch.

£6 advance                                                                       secret discount tickets

£8 on the door

Survival Skills (Chris Sharkey solo project)

A truly understated visionary, whose vast CV includes being a guitarist (and more recently a producer) in Acoustic Ladyland, TrioVD, Shiver and The Geordie Approach, and who has performed at countless international festivals in the jazz and math rock scenes.

We were lucky enough to host Chris’ live premier of his ever-evolving project Survival Skills , which involves electronic production and improvised guitar with a mass of effects, in 2014 at Battleship Grey’s single launch and then again at Rich Mix last year for Bitch ‘n’ Monk’s album launch.

Just after supporting Strobes last year, Chris told us that, with Survival Skills, he works and reworks an idea until he feels that he’s done everything he can with it, before starting afresh on a whole new piece. This means that regular followers of his gigs may recognise parts of the music, but will never hear the same piece performed exactly the same twice.

A boundary-pushing artist who only looks forward, and one who captures the true spirit of everything we look for in people we work with.

“A highly intriguing piece of noise art.” – Data Transmission


A trio of musicians producing heavy jazz, laced with funk, rock and grooves.

Their unique brand of jazz with metal undertones has captured the attention and praise of musicians such as John Gomm and Alpha Male Tea Party.

Since their inception in 2011, they’ve amassed a loyal following and are now ready to take on London.

“One of the best bands in the UK right now.” – Alpha Male Tea Party

“A contemporary sound fusing together the harmony and improvisation of jazz, the robust and hypnotic rhythm of hip-hop and the rhythmic complexity and unusual structure of progressive rock.” – Leeds Music Scene